The NOMOS Ludwig Oberlehrer Chalkboard Watch

The Nomos Ludwig Oberlehrer Chalkboard Watch


It's not all about tourbillons, guilloche and other fancy stuff.  Sometimes pure, simple functionality is enough.  Nomos Glashütte know a thing or two about minimalist styling.  Nomos Glashütte know a thing or two about how to create a clean, uncluttered dial.  Nomos Glashütte know a thing or two about continuity of form, you see this in their perfectly formed cases and lugs.  Once you have accomplished your objective and achieved award-winning perfection then the minutiae can be tinkered with, then you can have fun.  Something which Nomos Glashütte also know a thing or two about, and this limited editions made for German retailer Wempe is rather playful indeed.



The Nomos Ludwig features a trim and polished bezel, prominent but slender lugs and a big flat face.  It is a classically understated timepiece with its proud, elongated Roman numerals and elegant railtrack at the dial-edge, all crisp and neat .... but not this one.




..... this one has a subtle unruly and disordered appearance.  The piece is named "Oberlehrer" which in English translates as "Headmaster" and those normally crisp indications are styled to look like chalk drawings on a blackboard background. Slightly disheveled? Yes.  Charming?  More than.


Nomos are a Glashütte-based manufacture, founded in 1991 -  a youthful brand then, and one with a reassuringly fresh attitude to not only the manufacturing and design of their timepieces, but also to marketing, communication – even the care of its employees.  When Walter Lange re-registered the A. Lange & Söhne brand name in 1989,  following the reunification of Germany and fifty years of non-production due to  Soviet control of East Germany, he was not the only innovator ready to awaken the watchmaking industry in the area, with him was Roland Schwertner who has since organically grown his company from one with only three employees to an enviable manufactory producing a portfolio of beautifully designed, understated  pieces.


The Nomos Ludwig Oberlehrer Chalkboard Watch is a 100 piece limited edition.


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