The Sarpaneva K1 Enamel

Stepan Sarpaneva introduces a new aesthetic to his portfolio with a new ultra limited edition, the Sarpaneva K1 Enamel watch.

The K1 Enamel still retains some of the features synonymous with its creator - the sculpted case, the interconnected and slightly industrial index ring and the wickedly razor-sharp hands - but, the addition of enamel gives a new wholesome appearance, not a description usually associated with anything that Sarpaneva has ever produced.

Sarpaneva K1 Enamel

Gone is the drama of the spider's web-like skeletonisation, gone is the severity and the bold styling.  The purity of enamel doesn't quite break the spirit of Sarpaneva's styling, but its new immaculate face-on delicacy does tame its unruly character.  For those more used to the moodiness and the melancholy of Stepan's watches, this new departure will no doubt cause chins to wag, but like all his models this piece is supremely artistic and highly original.

Since he began creating timepieces under his own name Stepan has experimented with shapes and materials.  A glance at his early creations reveals dramatic cases, sharp styling, shuriken forms with automotive or perhaps motorbike-inspired components.  These pieces are the reference points of a man discovering what can be done, and what he is capable of doing when freed from the constraints of a design department, as an independent watchmaker.  As he continues his watchmaking adventures, it is logical that he must explore refinement as part of his journey, and this will be a very covetable edition.

The Sarpaneva K1 Enamel edition will be limited to just 8 pieces, more details here.

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