The Sarpaneva Woodoo

""And when the Moon is wicked, a vicious watch is born. A bizarre timepiece with a twist of magic." - I'll say... this is the Stepan Sarpaneva Woodoo watch - freak or unique? 'tis a Piece Unique and it is magnificent.

Gilles Meier who previously provided Stepan with a frosty sparkling of diamonds on the Korona K3 Routa lends his expertise to fill in the outline of the skull for this highly emotive and striking piece.

Those who are familiar with Sarpaneva timepieces will already know that with regard to moonphase indications he shuns the purity and innocence of classic displays, and instead concentrates on the moodiness and the melancholy.   His devilish moon man is strongly thematic of the folklore and mystical stories handed down through generations in his native Finland. Here the wicked little fellow goes for almost complete dial domination and his sparkling skull replication is entirely in-keeping with the collection and is guaranteed to lure the on-looker to the dark side.

The piece features no hands but a skeletonised hour wheel constructed from stainless steel  and a stainless steel moonphase wheel with luminous coating which completes its rotation every 29.5 days.  Inside is a Soprod A10 Calibre automatic movement, modified to include the moonphase function.

This is a showcase piece, and only one will be made - see it at BaselWorld 2013.

Unfamiliar with Stepan Sarpaneva?  Allow me to enlighten you watch by watch here.