The Speake-Marin Resilience Watch - Flawless, Retrospective.

Newly released is the Speake-Marin Resilience.


As with so many of the Independent Watchmakers, Peter Speake-Marin has grown his portfolio somewhat organically - no hype, no fuss - instead he is a man who showcases his talents through his creations, timepieces which have naturally, built up a rather substantial miscellany of followers, myself included.


With a watchmaker such as this, it is a pleasure to follow the evolution of his portfolio, and to witness how he blends his past experiences with modernity.  In this industry there is a certain level of satisfaction to be gained through documenting the development of a man, and not just a "brand".



As any watchmaker will acknowledge, the most important on-the-job training is that of restoration and seven years at Somlo Antiques in London's Piccadilly Arcade have provided Peter Speake-Marin with an intuitive appreciation for traditional watchmaking techniques.  The Resilience features a dial created using an example of one such skill, that of traditional  enamelling, with a disc  made from copper which is then enamelled on both sides.  A flawless finish is obtained from five consecutive layers, with five consecutive firings and the result is an appearance of the utmost purity.  Even the elongated eye-lash slim numerals are created from enamel, applied before the final polishing.



I get the feeling that Peter Speake-Marin has such an affinity with his watches, has a bond so strong, that even as his portfolio progresses, he is unable to completely let go of what went before.  I do not refer to the shapely playful hands, nor the distinctive Piccadilly case with its proud protruding lugs, but to the minutiae.  On the dial of the Resilience is a solitary blued-screw.  This addition was a fundamental part of Peter's Foundation Watch, where it was used to "lock-in" the dial, but here it's inclusion serves to add balance - and perhaps as important, provides both continuation and retrospective for its creator.



Inside is the Eros 2 Calibre, an automatic movement with a generous five-day power reserve obtained through twin barrels and it features a "mystery" rotor which takes the form of a topping tool. The Piccadilly case for this piece has been skinnied resting at a perfect under the cuff 12mm high and is available in both 38mm and 42mm options.


The Speake-Marin Resilience is available in both 18 carat red gold and stainless steel case editions, each presented on a hand-made alligator strap.  More information at the watchmaker's official website.


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