The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Blue Dial

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Blue Dial.  

Blue - the official colour of the Conservative party in the UK, the preferred colour of corporate America, a  symbol of loyalty and trust.  On a beach a blue flag tells of high environmental standards, in F1 a waved blue flag tells the driver of a lapped car to move aside and let the faster car by.  A blue dial on a watch, especially when paired with steel catches the light and catches the eye.  It is just the right side of stylish - refined, but not in the least bit stuffy.


There is much to admire in the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph, aside from its rich dial colour.  It is, at 42mm, perfectly proportioned and has just enough case overspill to frame its "Maltese Cross" bezel.  It features a satisfyingly deep double date aperture, chubby hour markers and hands and, for this piece fine polishing at each subdial rim.



Each timepiece in Vacheron Constantin's portfolio has been made with meticulous attention to detail.  The brand are the oldest continuous manufacturer of watches in the world and their popularity remains ever-strong, rarely do they leave SIHH with an order book which is not filled to capacity.


The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Blue Dial comes presented on a superb steel bracelet featuring the spiked points of the Maltese Cross.  Also available is a rose gold edition on brown alligator leather strap.


More information at the brand's official website.

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