The Watch Press are 300 ... and counting.


The Watch are 300 articles old!  We are not too bashful to celebrate, and we're certainly not too shy to blow our own trumpet.  Back in 2009 we set out to deliver original articles, news and watch reviews and we're still doing it!  We don't just copy and paste press releases like many other review sites do, each piece we write is original and well researched with nice big images so you can appreciate what we're describing.  If you come across lyrical descriptions of watches similar to ours on the internet, then be assured - they have copied us.


To our regular readers, thank-you - you have immeasurable good taste, here's to the next 300 .... if you've just found us, we have a marvellous archive waiting to be discovered - dig in.  We will stubbornly continue to review the best of what's new in the industry, not just the big names, the quirky stuff too and we will continue to promote the Independent Watchmakers, an inspirational and resourceful group of individuals.


We dipped into our chronicles to find a few of our favourites - enjoy.


Marc Jenni - Features on his Prologue and the superb Marc Jenni JJJ timepiece - we are proud to call him a friend of the Watch Press.


Eva Leube - We love this girl, and the feeling is mutual - she's fond of us too!  With her Ari Watch, Eva managed to curve the calibre read how here.


Rebellion Watches - Stunning, small series technical watches and last of the petrolheads too.... why? Find out more.


McGonigle Watches - Irish Haute Horlogerie, As Rare As Hen's Teeth.... the sublime Tuscar.


Stepan Sarpaneva's striking designs - the web-like skeletonisation of the Korona K2 KAAMOS, the devilish dial domination of the Korona Moonshine, the steely sparkle of the Korona K3 Routa, images and rhetoric here.


Jaquet Droz - each piece is an art form, no exceptions.


Linde Werdelin - The SpidoLite Chronograph/Lamborghini conundrum and the superbly technical SpidoSpeed Chronograph.


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