The Watchzoomer and the Wonderful Back-lit, Side-lit and LED-lit World of Dietlin Artisans Métalliers

At Salon QP last week the Laurent Ferrier stand featured a world first, not one of the Master Watchmaker's fine timepieces, but the latest concept in wristwatch showcasing, the aptly titled Watchzoomer.



Perhaps you may have noticed a "levitating" Hublot at Baselworld 2012, perhaps you will remember a similarly confounding "Sphere" ordered by Jean-Claude Biver (-who else?) to welcome potential customers to his slice of Baselworld the previous year?  These are just the most recent Dietlin products, there have been many more innovative display concepts made using a compendium of materials - wood, glass, metal, carbon, granite ..... ranging from the astonishing Raptor, a display case without security glass, but which, using an infared detection system can within a tenth of a second send a command to make the watch disappear ... and also the practical and now widely used Electro-labels, stand alone screens needing no external power, which display product information and which can be updated as required.  This is Jean Michel Jarre, this is Thunderbirds-Are-Go!.... this is spy-tastic stuff, yet the latest display system is altogether more sedate, using as it's inspiration the traditional watchmakers loupe.


It is essentially a motorised magnifying glass, the movement of which is synchronised with the watch which rotates offering a 360° panorama.  Unlike anything created by Dietlin in the past this is a simplistic idea, so much so that you would wonder why they, or someone else has not implemented it before, but - as with most elementary ideas, the mechanics required to make it work are reassuringly complex.  Dietlin describe this as a "linear displacement mechanism" and it should prove to be perfect  for providing a zoomed in look-see at a tourbillon or a finely hand-decorated movement and dial - that the system made it's debut showcasing a supremely flawless Laurent Ferrier rather than something more techy is entirely suitable.



Of course such a system will not be to everyone's taste.  There are those who prefer to watch-worship in that most traditional nose and fingertips pressed on the glass  manner and for such occasions the system can be turned on and off at will - however as veteran watch fans will know, watch fairs are filling up fast, and compared to a few years ago, getting up close and personal to your dream watch is becoming more difficult, for these occasions the Watchzoomer will provide a solution.


Dietlin Artisans Métalliers are a company with a rich history of innovation.  A glance at their homepage reveals achievements not only in metal-working but also architecture and famous landmarks.  The business took a new direction when Xavier Dietlin put away his football boots following an injury and gave his full attention to the family business, bringing with him his love of watches.  Their work can be seen not only at the world's watch fairs and events, but also at some of the finest independent watch stores and brand boutiques.


More information at the Dietlin Website.