The Zenton M45 Divers watch - deal of the year?

Summer's rolling in (although here in Ireland you often do require a calendar for reference, just to be sure!) and our thoughts turn to vacations or leisure pursuits. One style of watch probably enjoys an annual upsurge in sales as folk decide to treat themselves to something nice before going on their travels. The sports divers watch now comes in more and more variations, spanning the demand for the fashion-led 'diver's style' watch boasting 30-150m water resistance and with prices starting around the hundred dollar mark on up  through to intermediate 300-600m watches and on eventually to professional divers watches, with water resistance up to 1000, 3,000 or even 6,000 metres! A new watch brand, Zenton, has entered the fray recently with their own diver's watch called the Zenton M45 and I have to say that on first impressions, it's quite a smart offering from the new company. There will of course be those who will reject the watch out of hand without a second thought once they realise that Zenton are actually a Hong Kong based company and not some eccentric Swiss watchmaker, but to dismiss the brand on that basis would surely be a hasty reaction, for this new Zenton M45 is a great looking watch - and it doesn't end with it's looks either, for with a depth capability of up to 2000m it's certainly no lightweight as far as it's diver's credentials stack up.

Add to the mix a tried and tested Swiss ETA calibre 2824-2 automatic movement and the Zenton M45 looks more attractive, maybe even to the pickier watch enthusiast.

The M45 watch, which so far is the company's only model, is available in a huge number of factory or customizable options which offer the buyer seemingly endless choices to suit their personal tastes including the colour of the dial, the choice between hour markers or numerals, even down to the shape of the hands, or the bezel - in brushed stainless steel or with different colour bezel inserts, which means that the 'range' appears to be much more extensive than the base model would suggest, and with so many variables available, there's a fair chance that yours could be a one-of-a-kind watch!

The robust 45mm brushed stainless steel case, with a height of 17mm, features a helium release valve and a thick 4.3mm sapphire crystal under which strong superluminova hands, markers or numerals beam brightly in low light conditions. One other variation even offers a luminescent dial.

The more I learn about this watch, the more I like it, but Zenton haven't finished looking after you just yet.

Does sir prefer stainless steel bracelet with butterfly buckle? Or perhaps a leather, or a rubber strap alternative? How about an extending diver clasp for the bracelet? And of course the tools and spare pins, tubes and screws to enable setting the watch up for the occassion. Well sir shall have his preference - in fact sir can have the lot! At no extra cost! Without having to ask for it either! This is a heck of a lot of watch by now and so you grit your teeth as the time comes to dig deep and pay out for one.

Zenton have one more little surprise in store though. The watch - the whole kit and kaboodle - is going to set you back a bonkers $888 plus shipping! Available directly through their website. That has to represent one good deal.

I know there are a lot of watch snobs out there for whom brands such as Zenton do not possess the kudos of a recognised major marque that they look for in a watch, but when you look at what you're getting with this package, it can't be denied that in straitened times like these, when a lesser-known brand will sell you a customised, good looking and fully functional 2000m diver's watch for that kind of money, even the more particular buyer can't fail to be impressed with this offer.

Well I for one, am impressed with the Zenton M45 but I've left one more little tidbit until the end of this article - that is the 10 (TEN) year warranty and the free (FREE) biannual servicing - you only pick up the tab for the shipping! That's just incredible.

Bargain of the year? It could easily be the Zenton M45 diver's watch.

Well done Zenton. That's quite a way to announce your arrival.