Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 wins MP Watch of the Year 2009

At a gala event held in Geneva by the magazine Montres Passion on the 28th of October 2009, a gathering of over 500 attended the famous Hôtel Intercontinental to witness the announcement of the Montres Passion Watch of the Year 2009.

On an evening of many awards, it was the Vacheron Constantin Historiques America 1921 upon which was eventually bestowed the night's highest honour amid competition from Corum's Ti-Bridge which claimed second prize and the Montblanc for its "Nicolas Rieussec Chronographe Monopoussoir" which merited third prize.

The Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 itself is one of those wonderfully liberated designs in an 18Kt pink gold cushion case and with a dial so offset that twelve o'clock actually resides where one would expect to find the two - on any other timepiece!

The Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921

As with many less conventional designs, there is a good story behind this particular layout. The legend claiming that in 1921 a watch with this curious characteristic was specifically ordered from the manufacture by a man of the cloth who, on every holy day, would hold his flock in thrall while he fulfilled his role as their moral and spiritual guardian as he remonstrated and educated from his pulpit. Although to his congregation, whose eyes dared not look away from their shepherd, he was seemingly blissfully oblivious to the passing of time, he cunningly had his skewed wristwatch which he could glimpse without any discernable break in his rythym as his sermon rung out to his people!

The Vacheron Consantin Historiqes American 1921 houses the Calibre 4400 AS within its 40mm x 40mm case.