What Every CEO In The Industry Wants For Christmas - Record Swiss Watchmaking Exports ... of course


There are certain routines to be followed when the annual holidays are imminent.  Formal and informal get-togethers, the purchase and exchange of gifts, the ritual clearing of the desk - ceremonious traditions made all the more appeasing when you are informed that despite all the global pandemonium of 2011, sales are on the up.


The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FHS) have announced that November 2011 was a new absolute record for Swiss watchmaking, with watch exports during the month up 16% on November 2010.  They add that "the cumulative value over eleven months rose to 17.4 billion francs, maintaining its very steady growth rate (+19.0%)".


Not only that, but the highest growth is in the highest value sector - pieces costing more than 3,000 francs are selling faster than the lower priced sector, surely a thumbed nose at both austerity and scaremongerers alike.


If number crunching is your thing, read the full article at HH Magazine which also gives details of the global hotspots for watch exports, and the official gold vs steel figures.