🔍Read Full Article The Genequand System, Watchmaking’s Newest Dexterous Device.

The Genequand System, Watchmaking’s Newest Dexterous Device.

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Do we expect more from our timepieces these days?  You bet we do, and thanks to silicon we're getting more.  More precision, more longevity and now with the latest development announced by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier and CSEM, more power reserve - enough in fact to keep a wristworn timekeeper ticking along happily for a month.  Or more.   Having spent a lifetime researching, developing and inventing you would think that on his retirement Pierre Genequand would perhaps

🔍Read Full Article Revelation Watch – The Latest Chapter

Revelation Watch – The Latest Chapter

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Ah - modern-day Horology.  In order to get noticed, and then to hold one's attention long enough to be admired, nowadays a timepiece really does need a meritorious feature - or two.  And, of course as the old saying goes "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so it follows that we all have our preferences. Some enthusiasts prefer a busy dial - the whirr of the tourbillon or perhaps the flutter of multiple retrograde

🔍Read Full Article The Architectural Beauty of the Louis Moinet Mecanograph New York Edition  (… and that artisan “niche”).

The Architectural Beauty of the Louis Moinet Mecanograph New York Edition (… and that artisan “niche”).

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The watch industry has had its fair share of “artisan” watches this year. All have been beautiful, all have been meritorious. We can safely say that traditional artisan techniques have been preserved, at least for now anyway. Métiers d’Art timepieces have been so plentiful that they have even been grouped together and have been described, albeit loosely, as a “trend” – a most plebeian term considering the wealth of materials and techniques involved and the

🔍Read Full Article The El Primero – Lipped and Tongued c/o The Rolling Stones.

The El Primero – Lipped and Tongued c/o The Rolling Stones.

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Enthusiasts of the El Primero may not appreciate this but die hard Rolling Stones fans will flutter towards it like moths to a flame - Zenith have "lipped and tongued" the 12-hour chrono counter of the El Primero Chronomaster 1969 as a tribute to the iconic rock band .... and the man behind this Stones/Zenith pairing is ..... Jean-Claude Biver, Director of the LVMH Group (... Who else?).     The Rolling Stones say "We are delighted to

🔍Read Full Article GoS Bifrost Isblå

GoS Bifrost Isblå

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GoS make jaw-droppingly beautiful watches.  If you had the opportunity to handle one of their timepieces at BaselWorld, then you may have failed to notice the hubbub of the great halls for just a few moments while you became entranced by the mystical properties of these unique artisan watch dials and cases.  Now there is a new collection to ogle over, the GoS Bifrost Isblå. Johan Gustafsson works damascus steel like no-one else, under his watchful

🔍Read Full Article Longines Heritage 1954 – 2014

Longines Heritage 1954 – 2014

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6o years ago Longines registered the name "Conquest", now the original typeface appears once again on one of their watch dials, this is the Longines Heritage 1954 - 2014.   For their new collections Longines often look backwards to move forwards, there is vintage-styling aplenty to be found in their portfolio, and when it comes to being sensitive to their original issues, Longines nail it time after time.   Let's get to the nitty gritty - the size.  The

🔍Read Full Article Tudor – Baselworld Darlings (again).

Tudor – Baselworld Darlings (again).

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Despite all the technical innovation, artisan dials and bejewelled beauty on show at Baselworld 2014, no watch writer worth his (or her) salt can ignore the latest pieces from Tudor - this is  the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue.     In 2010 Tudor were the darlings of Baselworld with their Tudor Heritage Chrono, in 2011 they followed up with the silky, silvered Tudor Heritage Advisor and last year the Heritage Black Bay lounged beneath the dazzling Baselworld

🔍Read Full Article The Thomas Prescher Nemo SUB 1

The Thomas Prescher Nemo SUB 1

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Nemo is alive! I loved Thomas Prescher's Time Capsule Project which gave enthusiasts the chance to be part of and enjoy the creation of his Nemo Collection.  It is a tale which is fictional, yet so authentic that it has captured the imagination of those of us who have followed it from the moment when the diver, who using his last reserve of oxygen and energy cleared the dirt from the name plate of the